We attract more visitors to your club by promoting your offers online through proven digital marketing techniques and social media 'targeted ad campaigns'.

Our marketing experience and digital expertise ensures that your offers and posts are seen by your perfect customer… golfers, and their families.

Caddie Marketing
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'But we already do Facebook!'

Sure you do! But marketing your club online takes more than launching a Facebook page and posting a picture every week.

Did you know that a standard Facebook post on your page is typically seen by LESS than 5% of your followers?

We can fix that! Our digital wizards make sure that your posts and adverts are targeted to a demographic which matches your ideal customer, so we can increase that reach and send your offers and posts directly to people who want to play golf.

We know that running a golf club is a difficult business, there's lots to be done and golf to be played, and marketing is just one more thing which you could do without… we take that task off your hands and let you get on with running a successful golf club.


Social Media Marketing

In the unlikely event that you don’t have any Social Media presence, our specialists will advise on the best channels to use for your club. We can set up the social channels for you, and design and develop them to suit your golf club so they can be utilised as part of a valuable Marketing strategy.

Our Digital professionals can plan, design, publish and monitor your social media adverts, maximising their impact by targeting them at golfers who are most likely to spend money at your club. Social advertising is extremely cost efficient, if it’s managed properly, and can bring a huge return on minimal investment.

We can manage your social channels for you, ensuring that your activity is being broadcast to the widest audience, increasing awareness of your facility to an increasing number of followers, fans and customers.

The world of Digital and Social Media is changing almost weekly, and our digital professionals are constantly monitoring the latest trends and platforms, and assessing their value to our clients.


Email is FREE! Therefore it is an extremely cost-efficient alternative to the traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Flyers and newspaper ads have minimal impact, your customers (of all ages) have a mobile phone in their pocket, and a well-planned email campaign can reach a huge number of engaged customers with your latest tee-time offers or membership deals.

We can work with you to build and expand your customer database through Social Media and Online activity, increasing the number of potential customers you can reach directly with an effective email campaign.

Our Designers and Developers will ensure that your email campaigns are well-designed for both desktop and mobile devices, and that they stand-out in busy inboxes, ensuring that your customers will engage with the email and return to your club.

We do the planning, scheduling, design, and publishing… and you get the benefits.

Email Marketing
Strategy and Reporting

We understand that it is important for you to see a clear return on your investment, and you want to see results from our activity. We will provide clear and concise monthly reports showing what is working, and what isn’t, and more importantly, what it all means for you.

We will create detailed reports, and can meet with you monthly to talk through them to discuss the best way to move forward, meaning we always keep on top of your activity, and you are kept in the loop and involved in all the strategy and planning as we move forward.

Our Marketing professionals will work with you to plan an effective marketing strategy, to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.


It’s important that your ads, pages and activity is well-designed to make it stand out and reflect your golf club in a dynamic professional manner. Our experienced Graphic Designers will ensure that your posts look great, your ads attract the right customers, and your emails stand out in a customers’ busy inbox.

A well-designed post or advert will maximise reach and engagement through comments, shares and likes, increasing your online following. Our dynamic designs will help create new fans, followers and customers.

Our Designers will make sure your activity is all consistent with your brand, and can even work with you to design and create offline products as well as online activity. You can use our design team to develop printed marketing materials, banners for a golf event, or brochures to help promote your club.

Graphic Design
Photography and Videography

Hi-quality imagery is vitally important to help promote your club, a quick snap taken with your phone may seem a quick solution, but will often not look great on your website.

Our experienced Photographers will visit your club to plan and facilitate a full-photoshoot, providing us with a collection of hi-resolution photos which we can use on social media and online to give the best impression of your club.

They will work with you to ensure that the most important and interesting aspects of your course and clubhouse are represented, and we will use those images to promote your facility and attract customers.

Our Videographers can also visit your club to capture video of your course, clubhouse, or even a special event or competition you’d like to share with your fans and followers.

Drone footage is common now with golf courses, and our professional qualified drone pilots will send their equipment into the skies above your facility to capture a spectacular birds’ eye view of your course.

Video footage is the most ‘engaging’ content online, and we can use these hi-quality productions to help increase your audience with ‘shareable’ videos, attracting more customers to your club.


In Digital Marketing, they say that ‘Content is King’. That means creating authentic, compelling, fun content to share online, maximising reach and engagement.

Other than just sharing images and videos of your facility, we can work with you to create and develop fun and interesting content which will help give your club character and personality. We might visit your course to film a short video of players trying to get out of your ‘hell’ bunker, or attempting a Par-3 ‘blindfold challenge’, for example. This fun content is commonly widely shared on social media, creating interest and encouraging golfers to come along to your facility to engage with these challenges for themselves.

We can work with your Club Professional to create a series of short drills or lessons which can be shared online throughout the year, which can help advertise your Pro coaching and practice facilities.

We can also work with you to plan and schedule Blog posts which help drive traffic through your website and social channels.

Social Media ‘influencers’ are a new generation of online ‘celebrities’ who have a huge number of followers or fans. We can identify appropriate ‘influencers’ and have them visit your facility to create original content which would then be seen by all of their fans, reaching a massive audience.

Content Marketing
Golf Clubs


We offer a range of Package Options to suit every Club's budget and requirements. Check out our costs to see how we can help your club maximise your Social engagement and increase your visitors.