Use Your Marketing Budget Effectively

The financial pressure on golf clubs is greater than it has ever been. The need to make sound investments is imperative. However, it is our observation that when it comes to marketing, some golf clubs are still willing to invest significant amounts of money in services that provide no clear return for the club itself. With that in mind we have put together some simple ideas to help you use your marketing budget effectively.

Ask what is the return for your club

Golf clubs are targets for companies who are looking to sell space in their publications, websites and social media pages. Many of these companies can boast about the ability to promote your club to their extremely large readerships or online following. At first glance, this may seem like an attractive option. However the truth is that the companies will have a very difficult job proving that they can provide any return for your investment. Many will have little or no interest in whether or not your advert is actually successful. After all, their primary goal is to sell their product. Before you spend any of your marketing budget, make sure you have evidence of significant returns for your club.

Example from 2020 of the results we deliver for our clients

Invest in tools that benefit the whole club

Many clubs use their marketing budget to only promote their membership, society day and visitor green fee offers. Although this is a very important thing to do, there are other areas that could have longer term benefits if you choose to invest in them. Using your budget to improve the design and functionality of your website is one such option. Creating an up to date portfolio of high quality photographs and videos that can be used for social media posts and marketing material is another. If membership retention is an issue for a club, why not consider paying an external company to run a survey of your membership to gain a better understanding of any issues or concerns they have.

Select the correct marketing method 

Selecting the correct marketing method is the key to ensuring you invest your marketing budget effectively. The choice you make will affect your ability to measure the success of your campaign. In general, the three marketing methods used by golf clubs are Print, Facebook posts and Facebook Ads. We have a separate blog that fully outlines the pros and cons of each method.

It is our strong belief that using Facebook Ads is the best option for golf clubs. They give you the opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers. They also allow you to select the exact audience you would like to target. Mostly importantly in terms of using your budget effectively, they present clear figures about the performance of your campaign. This will allow you to accurately calculate your ROI. Setting up and managing Facebook Ads, is time consuming and requires a strong understanding of tools such as Facebook Ads Manager. With that in mind we suggest working with a digital marketing agency such as ourselves.