What will Caddie Marketing do for you?

So you’ve decided that you want to employ the services of Caddie Marketing. Here’s what you can expect us to do.

Increase your followers

Having a strong following on Social Media is extremely beneficial to your digital marketing efforts. Followers (people who have ‘Liked’ your page), have already shown in interest in what you offer, and should therefore be seen as potential customers.

We aim to increase each club’s followers to double the average for their area. For example, the average number of Facebook Fans across the Pages of all club’s in the Perth & Kinross County Union, is 590*, so if we take a client from that area, we will aim to increase their Facebook followers to 1,180.

(*correct as of July 2018)

Engage with your followers

‘Engagement’ is arguably the most important aspect of Social Media Marketing. Although we see your followers as potential customers, that certainly doesn’t mean that they want to hear your ‘sales pitch’ every day. By engaging with your audience in a fun and relevant (…this is crucial!) manner, you build a relationship with them, you earn their trust, and they will eventually become a customer.

We engage with your audience by creating compelling, authentic content showing not only your club’s facilities… but also its personality. If you can show that you are a fun and approachable club, your followers will be much more likely to become a customer.

Create content

We need something to show your followers in order to attract and engage with them. We will work with you to identify what aspects of your club are unique, and what you would like to promote.

We will visit with a photographer to facilitate a full shoot of your course, clubhouse and practice facilities. This provides us with a collection of high-quality images to use on campaigns on an ongoing basis. Static images can be used on Ad Campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.

Our videographer can visit the club to develop a promotional video showing off the facilities in a dynamic format. Video is the most engaging content on Social Media and these can work really well to help attract attention to your club.

Our videographer is also a fully-qualified Drone pilot, and we can capture a full birds-eye view of your course, which can be hosted on your website to show off a flyover of each of your holes.

We will work with you throughout the year to identify any special events you’d like to feature to help promote the friendly and social aspect of your club. Filming a fun medal day can help persuade followers to join the club.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook is the best marketing channel on the planet… period! Regardless of your feelings about Big Data, Facebook knows everything about you, everything about your followers, and everything about your potential new customers. It therefore makes business sense to take advantage of this to promote your club and connect with people who are interested in what you offer.

Facebook is a completely free platform for people to use on a personal level, and its revenue comes from Advertising. The platform is designed in a way so that it doesn’t show all of your Fans your posts, unless you pay Facebook a bit of money. A standard Facebook post is termed as ‘organic’, and these posts will only be shown to less than 5% of your followers. By creating an Ad Campaign, and putting some advertising cost behind it, we can reach all of your followers… and millions more!

When we post your latest news, events, or offers, we use the Facebook Business Manager platform, which is designed to allow Marketing Agencies to manage clients’ Facebook Pages and Ads. Business Manager allows us (at a cost) to create a truly effective Ad Campaign for you, and we can determine who sees your Ads, and offers, based on age, geographic location, interests, gender, and lots of other useful demographics. For example, if you have an offer for Kids Lessons, we can target an Ad at parents, who have kids between 6-9yrs old, living within a 15 mile radius of your club, who enjoy outdoor activities or sports, and have a disposable income of £25-50k.