Promote the value of your visitor experience rather than the price of your green fee

[Updated: 5th Aug 2022]

In today’s crowded golf club marketplace, it can be extremely difficult to stand out from the other clubs in your area. This has led many clubs to compete on the price of their visitor green fee by offering race-to-the-bottom deals.

We strongly believe that this doesn’t need to be the case. Instead, it is our opinion that it is still possible for golf clubs to promote the value of their green fee rather than the price.

What is the danger to my club of promoting my green fee based on price?

Although these reduced rates may help a club to fill empty slots on their tee sheet and bring in revenue, they can actually end up negatively affecting the club in a number of other ways.

We have listed some of the more common ones below:

Devaluing your course quality

Golf clubs invest significant amounts of money each year to ensure that their club provides the highest quality experience to everyone who visits and plays there. Ensuring the course is in excellent condition, maintaining facilities such as the clubhouse and hiring the best staff all have a major impact on the type of experience provided.

However, by selling your green fees cheap, you are seriously devaluing the time and effort taken by other members of staff to make sure the quality of the visitor experience is consistently high.

Negatively affect the club’s public perception

For many golfers, the price of the green fee is an indicator of the quality of the club and the experience provided. This is particularly true for those who have never played your course before and therefore have a limited ability to judge the true standard of your visitor experience.

There have been plenty of examples of people choosing not to book a round at a high-quality course because the green fee rate was cheap. Be careful not to fall into that trap.

Devaluing your club’s membership

Green fees are usually a way for golf clubs to help subsidise the price of their membership. Before joining, many golfers will compare the cost of the membership to the number of rounds they would play as a visitor to match that price.

If your visitor’s green fee is too low you may actually negatively affect the value of that membership. Even worse, you may actually encourage members who don’t play often that it is actually more cost-effective to simply ‘pay and play’ rather than invest in a membership.

How to promote the value of your visitor experience?

You know that your visitor experience is something that golfers will enjoy, but how do you convince a potential customer why booking a round will be more valuable to them than similar offerings from your competition? Creating interest and controlling the public perception of your visitor experience through the use of social media and digital communication is an effective way to achieve this.

Below are a few simple ideas to help you:

Ensure the look of your website and social media content matches and portrays the value of your visitor experience

Your website or your social media channels are likely to be the first interaction that people have with your club. It is therefore important that all of the content on these platforms are working to showcase the quality of your visitor experience.

We strongly advise investing in high-quality photography and video and/or using online tools such as Canva to help you stand out from your competitors and give your content a high-quality look and feel. It may also be worth having a professional web designer look at your website to ensure it looks and functions well.

We also suggest that you move any internal communications away from your club’s public social media channels. Information about course updates and medal results is not always relevant to an external audience and will do little to attract golfers or promote the value of your green fee.

Instead, set up a Private Facebook Group to communicate these types of communications directly with your membership.

Promote what sets your golf club apart from your competitors

An essential part of any visitor green fee promotion is to show potential customers that your club offers them something your competitors can’t. By promoting by price, you are saying to golfers that the only thing that sets you apart is the price of your green fee. When you promote the value, you show that your club offers them something worth paying for.

Below are some of the areas you could choose to promote in order to show the value of your visitor experience:

  • Quality of your course
  • Availability of tee times
  • Your club’s food and beverage
  • Clubhouse Facilities
  • Practice Facilities
  • Your Visitor Experience

Get feedback from visitor golfers to gain a better understanding of the reasons why they chose your club instead of your competitors.

Visitor Testimonials

By allowing prospective customers to hear directly from other golfers about their reason for booking and their experience at your club, they hear a relatable story that can also resonate with their golfing journey to booking a tee time. It will also help them to gain an appreciation of the true value of the green fees.

Consider sharing some of the best on your website and social media channels.

How Caddie Marketing can help you

Not only are we experts in social media and digital marketing, but we also have a deep understanding of the golf industry and the challenges it faces. We have brought these two sectors together seamlessly to provide excellent results for our clients.

Terms such as lead generation, conversions, and algorithms might seem to you like a whole new language. You are not alone. Our experience shows that the golf industry is only just beginning to get acquainted with the benefits of digital.

We pride ourselves on providing the best results and excellent ROI for our clients. Using our experience, we have taken relatively small amounts of ad spend and turned them into significant revenue.

We are confident in our ability to do the same for you.

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