Five Tips to Ensure Your Club’s Digital Marketing Campaigns Find The Fairway

There is nothing more satisfying than hitting the perfect drive down the middle of the fairway. The same could be said for running a successful digital marketing campaign for your club.

Read on to discover 5 simple tips to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns deliver the desired results for your club.

Does your content appeal to your audience?

Social Media is a competitive space. You are competing with other golf clubs and businesses. You are also contending with people’s personal posts of new puppies, babies and weddings. Trying to stand out from the noise can be tough and requires the right type of content.

Content that uses a grainy picture or is too text heavy is always going to struggle. It is essential to make sure your post is well designed and well presented. Using a high-quality image or even better, a video, is also important. Video-based content tends to get better engagement than image based.

Are your posts reaching enough people?

The more people who see your promotion the better the chances of getting engagement. Unfortunately, a standard Facebook post generally only reaches 2% – 6% of the people who like your page. You are then relying on that small group of people sharing your post in order for it to have any chance of reaching the wider market.

Without reaching a large enough pool of people, it is very difficult for even the best promotion to be effective. A simple way to reach more people is to use a “Boosted post”. For as little as £1 you could reach 1000, but not necessarily the right people.

Are your ads being seen by the right people?

It is often said that a bad golf shot is actually a good shot that is not properly aimed. The same could be said about social media promotions. You may have a strong promotion but if it is not reaching your target market it is likely to fail. There’s little point in showing a membership ad to someone who has no interest in golf.

Boosted posts can increase your audience but offers very limited targeting options. The only way to guarantee you reach your perfect audience (and make the most of your budget) is to use Facebook’s powerful Ads Manager platform. This offers a multitude of demographic, location and interest targeting categories.

Have you set aside a marketing budget?

When it comes to using Facebook and Instagram to promote your club, money talks. Using paid Facebook ads will enormously increase the likelihood that your promotion will be effective. It will also ensure you achieve the goals mentioned above.

Your ad spend doesn’t need to be huge, but you do need to be willing to put aside some budget in order to run a campaign which delivers successful results.

Can you afford to spend a sufficient amount of time?

We know that the role of a golf club secretary or general manager is already an extremely busy one. We also know that creating fresh content, setting up and managing a successful marketing campaign takes time. However, the revenue generated through effective digital marketing is significant and this means that it can’t be sidelined.

It is therefore essential that you are able to set aside a sufficient amount of time to get the returns that are possible. This is where you may wish to consider working with a digital marketing agency to do this for you.

How Caddie Marketing can help you

Not only are we experts in digital marketing, we also have a deep understanding of the golf industry and the challenges it faces.

You might feel that terms such as ‘lead generation’, ‘conversions’, ‘Ads Manager’ and ‘target audience’ are a whole new language… you are not alone. Our experience shows that much of the golf industry still needs to get acquainted with the benefits of digital marketing.

As part of the service we offer, we will guide you through the whole process of marketing your promotions from beginning to end. Our team will use their expertise to ensure that your promotion reaches and appeals to your target market of golfers. All that will be left for you to do is work through the list of genuinely interested leads and convert them into revenue for your club.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best results and excellent ROI for our clients. We are confident in our ability to do the same for you!

If you are interested in finding out more about the service we offer and how we can help your golf club, get in touch.