The Importance of Regular Social Media Content

Social Media has created a platform for golf clubs to promote themselves and share their news instantly and for free. It has given them the opportunity to stay better connected with their membership and reach a large pool of potential new customers. However, without a stream of regular content it is very difficult to get their attention.

Below we have outlined why it is important to post regularly on these channels and the benefits for your club from doing so.

Why do I need to post regularly?

It’s not only beneficial to post regularly on social media… it’s crucial. There has never been a more lucrative marketing platform. As of December 2020, approximately 76% of the population are on Facebook (51m in the UK, up from 39m in September 2018). Creating and managing an effective social media presence is the key to creating persuasive and appealing content that would connect with your audience. The idea is to reach out to golfers to create awareness and recognition before they really connect with you as a club. A better connection with golfers will lead to more loyal members and customers and ensure a steady revenue stream and long-term stability.

Create a good first impression

Posting regularly on social media is an excellent way to create and develop your club’s public narrative. For many people, your social media posts will be their first interaction with your club. It is therefore important to ensure that your content matches the way you want your club to be perceived.  Content such as high quality photographs or videos of your course or facilities are excellent ways to both portray a high quality golf facility and capture people’s attention.

Tell your club’s story in your own words

Creating regular content is an excellent way to tell the story of your club in the way you want it to be told. Whether you are sharing your key messages, introducing key people within your club or exploring your club’s history, social media gives you the opportunity to share this for free with a worldwide audience.

Connect with new customers and partners

As we mentioned above, the number of people on social media is enormous. By posting regular high quality social media content gives the best chance to connect with these potential new members or visitors. There is also an opportunity to connect with potential partners who are also using social media to promote their own businesses such as tour operators, accommodation providers and national golf organisations.

Quality and Quantity

As much as it is clearly important to post regularly on social media, it also important to make sure that the content your produce is of the necessary quality in order to catch the attention of golfers and to portray the quality of your club and golfing experience. Below are a few ideas to help you create the right type of content:

  • Use high quality photo or video
  • Use well designed and eye catching designs or templates
  • Don’t overload images with text
  • Avoid posting internal communications (medal results, course updates etc) on public pages

Our Social Media Management Service

At Caddie Marketing, we are well aware that it can be difficult for golf clubs to find someone within the club who has the time, experience and expertise to not only post regularly but also to ensure that the content is of high enough quality.

Our Social Media Management service ensures that your club’s social media accounts are properly managed. We will work with you to ensure your club’s story and key messages are shared effectively and regularly on social media.

For more information about our Social Media Management Service click the link below