What is the best way to promote my club on Facebook?

Facebook is an integral part of the world we live in. It has allowed us to interact with people and businesses all over the world in a way that was previously impossible. For golf clubs, it has created a platform to promote themselves and share their news instantly and for free. It also has given them the opportunity to stay better connected with their membership and reach a large pool of potential new customers.

When it comes to promoting themselves on Facebook, golf clubs generally use two methods: Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads. What is the best way for your golf club to fully utilise this powerful tool? Read our thoughts below

What is the difference between Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads?

A Facebook Post is a comment, picture or other media that is posted on the user’s Facebook page or “wall.” It is an excellent way for golf clubs to communicate with their page followers and share information about areas such as competition results, course updates and events at the club.

Facebook Ads on the other hand, are paid ads that are created using Facebook’s Ad Manager. Anyone with a Facebook Business Page can set them up and they allow you to fully utilise Facebook as a marketing tool. 

What is the best method for my club to promote my club using Facebook?

We know that each club has their own individual needs and wants when it comes to promoting their clubs. With that in mind, we have outlined what we believe to be the key considerations for the majority of clubs when deciding how to use Facebook to advertise:

Ability to measure results

By using a Facebook Post, you will be able to see how many people liked and shared your post. However, you have no way to accurately measure how successful it has been in generating revenue or leads for your club.

Facebook Ads on the other hand allow you to clearly see and measure the success of your marketing campaign. You can easily compare the number of leads you have generated with the amount you spent on your ad. This will allow to generate an accurate ROI figure, something that neither Facebook posts or traditional marketing methods, such as print, can do.

Example of Facebook Ad Results from our client Crieff Golf Club


Posting on Facebook is of course free. Unfortunately, when it comes to effective marketing on Facebook, money talks. Using a Facebook post as a marketing tool may save your club money. However, it will also mean that you are faced with a number of issues that will negatively affect the performance of your campaign.

Using Facebook Ads will require a certain amount of ad spend. The amount you invest is entirely up to you. However, It is important to remember that areas such as how many people see your ad is affected by the amount you choose to spend. Using Facebook Ads is generally cheaper and often produces much higher ROI than more traditional paid advertising, such as print.


Although there are billions of people who use Facebook, a standard Facebook will typically only reach around 6% of the people who like your page. For many golf clubs this means if you choose to promote your membership packages for example using a Facebook post, there is a strong chance that it will only be seen by around 100 to 200 people. Even worse, you have no control over who Facebook will select to show your post to – you could end up promoting your membership packages to people who are already members of your club. 

By using Facebook Ads, you have the opportunity to reach anyone with a Facebook account, whether they like your page or not. Even better, you can choose the exact target audience that will see the advert. Facebook Ads allow you to target people based on an extensive number of demographics and interests, such as age, gender and location.

Example of the number of golfers than can be reached using Facebook Ads

Objective of your campaign

The primary objective of a Facebook Post is engagement. Engagement refers to actions such as liking, sharing or commenting on a post. This means that your Facebook post is likely to reach the people who commonly engage with posts.

Using Facebook Ad will allow you to select the exact type of objective you wish your campaign to achieve. For example, you can choose to run ads that are designed to drive traffic to your club’s website or generate a list of leads for you to follow up on. Depending on which objective you select, Facebook will automatically adjust its algorithm in order to help with the success of your campaign

A list of the possible Facebook Ad objectives

Ease of Use

Creating and posting a Facebook post takes very little technical ability. It is therefore a less time consuming and simpler way to promote your club on Facebook. However, this ease of use, as we have mentioned above, comes with a number of limitations that can have a negative impact on the success of your marketing campaign.

Facebook Ads definitely require a much deeper technical knowledge. Planning campaigns, producing ad creative and managing your ads all take a significant amount of expertise, experience and time. We are well aware the demands on a golf club manager’s time are already great. With that in mind, we strongly advise that you consider working with a digital marketing agency such as ourselves. This will guarantee that your Facebook Ads are set up and managed properly and ensure your club fully enjoys the enormous benefits they offer you. We understand that this may not be something you have considered before. However, we strongly believe that it is a valuable and worthwhile investment for you and your club.

How Caddie Marketing can help you

Interested in learning how we could help you more effectively promote your club on Facebook? We would love to hear from you!

At Caddie Marketing, not only are we experts in digital marketing, we also have a deep understanding of the golf industry and the challenges it faces. We have brought these two sectors together seamlessly to provide excellent results for our clients.

Terms such as ‘lead generation’, ‘conversions’, ‘Ads Manager’ and ‘target audience’ might seem to you like a whole new language. You are not alone. Our experience shows that the golf industry  is only just beginning to get acquainted with the benefits of digital marketing.

As part of the service we offer, we will take over the whole process of marketing your promotions from beginning to end. Our team will use their expertise to ensure that your promotion reaches and appeals to your target market of golfers. All that will be left for you to do is work through the list of genuinely interested leads and convert them into revenue for your club. We’ll even show you how to do that!

We pride ourselves on providing the best results and excellent ROI for our clients. Using  the expertise we have built up, we have taken relatively small amounts of ad spend and turned them into significant revenue. We are confident in our ability to do the same for you.
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