Measure The Success Of Your Marketing Campaigns Using Digital Marketing

There used to be a time when it almost impossible to accurately measure how successful your campaign had been. The emergence of Digital Marketing has meant that this is no longer an issue.

Below we have outlined some of the numerous ways that digital marketing can help you measure the success of your marketing campaigns and ensure that you are spending your club’s precious marketing budget effectively.

What is the difference between measuring my results using traditional marketing methods and Digital Marketing?

As we mentioned above, it was virtually impossible to get an accurate idea of how well your campaign had performed using traditional marketing methods, such as print. You could include a code word in your advert that customers needed to quote to get the deal but that was a pretty limited way of measuring success. Any actual figures presented related only to the number of people who bought the publication, there was no way to know how many of these people actually saw your individual advert.

With Digital Marketing, the focus is purely on your individual campaign. This gives you a clear and accurate idea of the performance of your adverts, stop ones that aren’t working and boost ones that are. You can also take these statistics to your club’s committee in order to prove it is worth increasing your club’s marketing budget.

How can I measure the performance of my marketing campaigns?

Digital Marketing services such as Facebook Ads give you an extensive amount of data. Below we have selected some of the most important ones for golf clubs:


Impression refers to the total number of times that your adverts were on-screen. 


The number of people who saw your adverts at least once. Reach is different to impressions, which may include multiple views of your adverts by the same people. As well as showing you the number of people you have reached, digital marketing can also give you information about the geographical location and demographics of those people

Link Clicks From Ads

The number of clicks on links within the ad that led to your website or landing page. This will give you a good idea of how many people are actually engaging with your advert.

Leads Generated

This will give you an idea of the number of leads directly generated by your campaign activity. Lead Generation Ads will allow you to collect personal information from those who click on your ads such as name, telephone number or email address. Using this information, you are able to contact them and convert them into revenue for your club

Cost per Lead

This will give a clear idea of how much it has cost to generate each lead, calculated by ad spend divided by leads generated. The lower the number, the more efficiently your advert is working.

How Caddie Marketing Can Help

Interested in getting more accurate results by promoting your club using Digital Marketing? We would love to hear from you.

As part of our Targeted Advertising service, we will provide you with your club’s own personal dashboard where you can clearly see the up to date performance of your adverts. Below is a real life example of the dashboard.

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