Selecting The Right Person To Manage Your Club’s Social Media

Everyone by now is aware of the importance and impact of social media and its ability to drive traffic to your club’s website.  The person you select to manage your social media will have a major influence on your club’s ability to fully utilise this powerful tool.

You wouldn’t hire someone with no greenkeeping skills or knowledge to maintain your course. It is just as essential that you select the right type of person to manage your social media accounts. Here are a few of the key attributes we believe this person should have:

Good understanding of and passion for the golf club

Social Media has given clubs the perfect platform to share their story and control the public perception of themselves.  Having someone who fully understands exactly how the club is looking to portray themselves publicly and can also inject their own personal passion for the club into is therefore essential.

Social Media is also a great way to communicate with members and potential new customers. Having someone who has detailed knowledge of the club will also mean that they are able to respond quickly and accurately to any comments or direct messages

Good understanding of using social media

Obviously whoever you select needs to understand how to use social media. Having knowledge about the differences between the numerous types of platforms and how to create different types of content is essential. It is also important to have an understanding of extra features such as private Facebook groups that can be used to communicate directly with members.

Managing social media accounts for golf clubs is very different from posting on your personal social media pages. On your own social media page, you are free to like, share and comment on any content that you find engaging. When managing a golf club’s social media, the focus has to be purely on portraying the club in the best possible way. Finding a person who can make that distinction is very important.

Ability to create engaging content

Social Media platforms have become extremely congested places. Golf clubs aren’t just competing with other golf clubs, they are also competing with other types of businesses and content posted and shared by people’s friends and families. It is therefore essential that you select someone who has the ability to create the type of content that will stand out and also effectively promotes the club in an appropriate way.

Able to dedicate necessary time to create content and respond quickly to comments

Managing your social media accounts can be a very time consuming job, especially as the pages become more popular. Often the responsibility for this is given to roles such as general manager, captain or head greenkeeper. However, these are already extremely busy roles. It therefore may be worth finding someone within your membership who is suitable to take on the role. You could offer to waive their membership fees in return for their services

Ability to communicate in a professional and appropriate manner

Whoever you choose to manage your social media accounts, keep in mind that this person will be representing and communicating as the club. It is essential that the person managing your social media is aware of exactly how the club would like them to communicate. This is particularly important when it comes to dealing with comments and direct messages from members of the public, which can sometimes be very negative.

Our Social Media Management Service

Ideally, we advocate finding someone within your club who is able to manage your club’s social media account. However, we are also aware that this may not be possible or that they may require time for training. Our Social Media Management is the perfect solution to this issue.

This service is designed to ensure that your golf club is active on social media, and your posts and messaging are crafted in a way that portrays your club in a professional and effective manner.

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