How To Use The Masters To Promote Your Club

The return of The Master is always an exciting time within the golfing calendar. It can also be the perfect opportunity to raise the awareness of your club by  taking advantage of the buzz and focus on golf. Below are a few simple ways that golf clubs can use The Masters to promote themselves.

Masters Related Social Media Posts

The week of the Masters is the ideal time to start posting some Masters related social media posts. It could be worth digging into the archives or getting out to the course to create content. Below are a few ideas of potential posts:

  • Pictures of flowers on your course
  • Pictures of holes that share similarities to Augusta National
  • Any links to previous Masters winners
  • Any links to Bobby Jones or Alister MacKenzie
  • Quotes from Masters winners
  • Current events from The Masters

These types of posts can be extremely engaging for your audience and a great way to get into conversation surrounding The Masters.

Social Media Competition

Social Media Competitions are excellent ways to create a real excitement and interest in your club’s social media pages. Major events such as The Masters are the perfect time to run them. We have seen success from clubs running competitions such as “Guess the Winner” and offering a prize such as merchandise or rounds of golf. Below is a quick outline of how to run them:

  • Create a post that asks people to put their prediction is the comment section
  • Ask them to like and share the post
  • Have terms and conditions for comp (one entry per person, only those who like and share the post will be entered etc)
  • Once the competition is over, use a free online random selector to pick from the people who have correctly picked up the winner
  • Contact that person using social media

Use Paid Social Media Advertising

With an increased buzz and interest around golf during this week, it may be worth considering promoting your lucrative revenue streams such as membership, society days and visitor green fee deals. Paid Social Media Advertising is by far the most effective and cost effective way to promote them. Thanks to the targeting capabilities of Paid Social Media Advertising services such as Facebook Ads, you are able to ensure that your promotions reach your perfect audience. You could choose to reach people who have an interest in golf or even people who like or follow the official Masters Facebook page.

For more information about Paid Social Media Advertising, click the link to our recent blog

How Caddie Marketing can help you

Interested in learning more about how to promote your golf club? We would love to hear from you!

At Caddie Marketing, not only are we experts in digital marketing, we also have a deep understanding of the golf industry and the challenges it faces. We have brought these two sectors together seamlessly to provide excellent results for our clients.

Terms such as ‘lead generation’, ‘conversions’, ‘Ads Manager’ and ‘target audience’ might seem to you like a whole new language. You are not alone. Our experience shows that the golf industry  is only just beginning to get acquainted with the benefits of digital marketing.

As part of the service we offer, we will take over the whole process of marketing your promotions from beginning to end. Our team will use their expertise to ensure that your promotion reaches and appeals to your target market of golfers. All that will be left for you to do is work through the list of genuinely interested leads and convert them into revenue for your club. We’ll even show you how to do that!

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