Does Finding New Members Feel Like An Easter Egg Hunt?

Despite the recent boom in golf club membership, for many clubs it can still feel like a never ending hunt around the golfing garden to find new members. With our help however, the need to search is over!

Our proven digital marketing techniques will consistently deliver a stream of high quality leads for you to convert into revenue for your club. Below is an outline of how we work with you to achieve this

Marketing strategy

We work with you to obtain a full understanding of your golf club, your positioning, and your ideal customers. We use insights and research to ensure we understand the strongest components of your golf club and identify the best opportunities for an effective marketing strategy.

Targeted advertising

We effectively promote your club’s offers across social media platforms to a carefully-defined audience of golfers using proven marketing techniques. This provides you with a stream of valuable leads, helping you to maximise revenue, and enable investment and longer-term stability.


Leads and enquiries will be generated and sent directly to you, so you can then start a dialogue with the potential customer. By dealing with the leads directly, you can ensure that they are converted your way, generating new members, visitors, and revenue for your club.

Get in touch

To find out how we could help your club, head to to speak with a member of our team.