Putting Your Marketing Into Lockdown?

Lockdown has certainly been a difficult time for golf clubs. With a cloud of uncertainty about 2021 still hanging over golf clubs, it would be easy to think you need to press pause on your club’s marketing. We certainly have met some golf clubs who thought there was no benefit to marketing during this time. However, we strongly believe it is as essential to look after your marketing through lockdown as it is for your greenkeepers to look after your course.

Here are some reasons why continuing to promote your club through lockdown is important and how it can have enormous benefits for your club.

Nurture potential new customers

During this time, there will be golfers who will be considering becoming a member of a golf club or changing the club of which they are a member. Golf societies and visiting golfers will be looking for the perfect location for their away days later in the year. Using digital marketing during lockdown to promote your packages is an excellent way to nurture these potential customers. Consider creating regular content to demonstrate the different types of packages you offer, what is included in each, and the experience of being a member of your club or playing your course. This will help to generate interest and allow you to continue to nurture these potential customers until they are ready to make a booking or apply for membership.

Staying in the game

Retaining interest in your club is essential during lockdown. Marketing throughout this period will ensure you stay connected with your current audience. Lockdown has caused many other businesses to start utilising digital marketing and social media to promote themselves. It is important not to lose your voice amongst the increased noise.

The challenge is therefore to create engaging content while there is less going on at the club. Content such as a high quality photography or video, a social media competition or asking your pro to create short instructional videos are excellent ways to address this challenge. If this isn’t possible, then reposting some of your most popular content from during the season is another option.

However you choose to do it, keep it up. Being lost from sight is really not an option.

Build awareness and momentum for next season

The start of the new season is just around the corner. Use lockdown to engage with and build awareness of your club. This means that when you start to run your new season marketing campaigns people will already be conscious of you and your offers. It has been proven that customers are much more likely to buy from you if they are already familiar with your brand.

Continue to generate revenue

Lockdown has negatively affected golf club’s ability to bring in money from areas such as the clubhouse. Despite this there are still an opportunities for golf clubs to generate revenue. You could promote your membership packages or events later in the year such as society days and open competitions.

Regardless of the revenue stream you are looking to promote, we suggest that you consider using digital marketing to do so. It is far more cost effective than traditional marketing methods, such as print. Using a tool such as Facebook Ads will allow you to effectively reach and target your desired audience. It will also produce clear and measurable ROI to impress the finance committee. At a time when revenue generation can be a bit challenging,  we would suggest that these are important ideas to consider.

Example of the type of results one of our clients have achieved by continuing to promote their club during lockdown.

How Caddie Marketing can help you

Interested in continuing to promote your club during lockdown? We would love to hear from you!

At Caddie Marketing, not only are we experts in digital marketing, we also have a deep understanding of the golf industry and the challenges it faces. We have brought these two sectors together seamlessly to provide excellent results for our clients.

Terms such as ‘lead generation’, ‘conversions’, ‘Ads Manager’ and ‘target audience’ might seem to you like a whole new language. You are not alone. Our experience shows that the golf industry  is only just beginning to get acquainted with the benefits of digital marketing.

As part of the service we offer, we will take over the whole process of marketing your promotions from beginning to end. Our team will use their expertise to ensure that your promotion reaches and appeals to your target market of golfers. All that will be left for you to do is work through the list of genuinely interested leads and convert them into revenue for your club. We’ll even show you how to do that!

We pride ourselves on providing the best results and excellent ROI for our clients. Using  the expertise we have built up, we have taken relatively small amounts of ad spend and turned them into significant revenue. We are confident in our ability to do the same for you.

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