Selecting the Best Marketing Method for Your Campaign

As we start a new year,  many golf clubs will be turning their attention towards running marketing campaigns for their 2021 membership packages. Selecting the best marketing method is an enormous factor in their success. With that in mind we have put together a guide to the three most common types of marketing used by golf clubs, Print, Facebook Posts and Facebook Ads, to help you decide which is most suitable for your club.


For a number of years, print marketing has been the most common choice for golf clubs when it came to promoting their membership options. Putting an advert in a publication that is likely to be read by the type of people you are trying to attract appears to be a sensible decision. However, the reality is very different. Print is by far the most expensive option in this guide. Most adverts cost between £500-£1000. With no way to measure the success of your specific ad, it is impossible for golf clubs to work out if this is money well spent. Another issue with using print is the lack of control golf clubs have when it comes to their promotion. The publication will decide on how much you need to spend. They will decide when the magazines are produced and where they are distributed. They will decide what other adverts they put next to your ad. The reality of advertising using print media is that you are giving control of your campaign over to a company whose primary interest is to sell their product and the ad space within them. Whether your ad is successful is of little consequence to them.

Facebook Posts

The emergence of social media networks, in particular Facebook, has offered golf clubs a new way to promote their membership packages. Posting on Facebook offers golf clubs a free and easy to use in house marketing platform that has the potential to reach significant numbers of golfers. This seems like a very appealing option. However, the reality is that using Facebook posts as a marketing tool comes with a number of limitations. Despite the large numbers of people using Facebook, a standard Facebook post will only appear on the news feed of around 6% of the people who like your page – only around 100-200 people for most golf clubs. You also have no control about who Facebook will select to show your post to. You could end up promoting your membership packages to people who are already members of your club. As with print, you also have no way to measure how successfully your post is working as a marketing tool or target specific locations or demographics

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are paid adverts that are created using Facebook’s Ad Manager and allow you to fully utilise Facebook as a marketing tool. They are by far the least commonly used option of the three. Facebook Ads will appear on people’s Facebook news feed just as Facebook Posts. However, Facebook Ads are not limited to just people who like your page. They are able to reach anyone with a Facebook account. Even better, you can choose the exact target audience that will see the advert. Facebook Ads allow you to target people based on an extensive number of demographics and interests, such as age, gender and location. 

Although there is a cost involved in running Facebook Ads, you are in full control of how much you decide to invest. The amount of ad spend will have an effect on the number of people your ad will reach. If you decided to invest a similar amount to the cost of a print advert, it is very likely that your ad would be seen by a significantly higher number of people. Facebook Ads also give you a large amount of data which will allow you to accurately calculate the ROI for your ad. Of the three options, they definitely require the most time and technical knowledge of tools such Facebook Ad Manager. However, the enormous benefits they offer you make spending the time to educate yourself or choosing to work with a digital marketing agency a very worthwhile investment.