KPMG Golf Benchmark Report

KPMG recently released their report on the participation in Golf. Their report (based on 2018 results) gives extensive detail on the health of golf in nearly 50 European countries including Scotland. We have selected a few of the issues highlighted in the report and how we can help your club deal with similar issues.

Lady golfers remain under represented

Demographics such as female or junior golfers have been sought after by golf clubs for many years. Despite this there is still a massive imbalance within Scottish golfing population and at many golf clubs.

Only 12% of golfers in Scotland are female (or identify as such). This compares to 25% across the whole of Europe. Clubs have shown interest in growing this number. But is the perception of golf as a sport, and the culture of golf clubs, still unattractive to that demographic?

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Scotland’s golf membership market is very competitive

The Scottish golf market is one of the most competitive in Europe. Scotland boasts the fourth highest number of golf courses per capita, and on average, there are only around 322 golfers per Scottish golf course. This means that golf clubs, especially in busy, urban areas, have to work harder to attract golfers to their club than their European counterparts.

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Number of golfers continues a steady decline

Despite being The Home of Golf, and even though the participation rate remains one of the highest in Europe, the number of golfers in Scotland continues to shrink year on year. However, the need for golf clubs to generate revenue and attract new members does not. Golf clubs now face a much tougher task in both attracting and retaining golfers than they did even a few years ago.

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