5 Tips For Golf Club Email Marketing

Like it or not, thanks to modern technology, social media and digital marketing techniques, it is easy for Golf Clubs to gather a bucket-load of consumer data from many online sources.

As a marketer, using this data wisely in a cross-channel marketing strategy can be invaluable to the success of your business. Consumer data allows you to understand your customers more than ever before.

Email marketing is a powerful vehicle for delivering your latest offers, events and news to golfers. By understanding and segmenting your data, you can target a specific audience with appropriate and relevant messaging. It is important to remember that your messaging should be relevant, valuable, and engaging.

But an average office worker receives 121 emails, and sends around 40 business emails per day. That means that you need to ensure that your email stands out in the inbox, and isn’t one of the many that are overlooked as irrelevant.

So here are some of our Top Tips to ensure that your email campaigns are effective and fruitful.

1) Clean your lists

Data cleanse

First and foremost, there is no point in spending time crafting and designing a beautiful email if it’s being sent out to the wrong audience… or no audience at all!

If you have fully complied with the recent GDPR ‘opt-in’ requirements, then your list should hopefully mostly contain high-value subscribers, who are directly interested in your golf club or course.

Ensure, however, to review your lists regularly to ensure that you remove outdated or duplicate records. You don’t want your precious mailing to end up in spam or junk folders at the end of the day!

2) Impactful Subject-Line

Email subject line

With 121 email received per day, your email needs to catch the eye of the reader to attract them to open your mailing.

Try to craft your subject line to include as much info as possible, as succinctly as possible. Try to tell golfers why they should open your email. Let them know your offering, and think about the tone of voice, is it brand-consistent?

The length of your email subject line may take you a bit of trial and error to find out which works best. With the increase in emails being opened on a mobile device, you should take that into account when writing your subject line. Campaign Monitor suggests that the optimum number of characters to ensure open-rate success across devices is between 50-70 characters.

Email campaigns should be continually analysed. Measure which emails have a successful open- and click-through rate, and try to figure out why, by comparing them to those with lower results. You could run an A/B test, including using different styles and lengths of subject lines, to see which one works best.

3) Tone of voice

Tone of voice

Bear in mind your club’s values when writing your emails. Try to keep your email content consistent with your brand. If your brand is portrayed across website and social channels in a serious manner, then stick with that in your emails. Don’t suddenly try to be comical or humorous. And vice versa, if your club is more light-hearted, then loosen up on your emails and don’t be too serious, remain consistent.

Alternatively, however, depending on your club, and audience, it may be possible to go slightly off-brand as a one-off weekly ‘Friday fun’ light-hearted email, for example. As long as there is no confusion with your brand, and you are sure that it won’t damage your club’s reputation in any way.

4) Provide value

Value content

The objective of your email should be to achieve a goal. That goal more likely than not will be to ‘click-through’ to your website. Give golfers just enough value content to grab their intrigue and attract them to click through to find out more.

Regardless of whether they click-through this one time, providing them with valuable and engaging content will remain with them and they will be more likely to open your future emails, increasing the likelihood that they will visit and play your course at some point.

Other methods of providing value and attracting a click-through may be to offer a discount or a free download.

Remember to provide links to your social channels too to ensure cross-channel engagement.

5) Creative Design

Email design

When you have crafted the content of your email, you need to make sure it looks great to increase impact. Around 68% of emails are opened on mobile devices, take that into account when designing your email and ensure that your design is responsive to make sure it looks great on smartphones and other devices.

Mailing providers like MailChimp provide lots of free modern, well-crafted templates which you can edit to suit your own brand. Use impactful visuals, hi-quality photography, or even professional looking animated GIFs to catch the eye.

We hope these Top Tips have been helpful. If you’d like to discuss how we can work with you to develop effective Email Marketing campaigns, or our other Creative services, get in touch.