Social Media checklist for golf clubs ✅

Using Social Media is a vital tool for golf clubs now, but are you using it effectively? Here’s some of our top tips to make sure you’re on the right tracks.

brand consistency
1. Brand Consistency

How many Social channels are you using? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? To ensure brand awareness, make sure that your profile picture is the same across all channels. Don’t use a picture of your clubhouse as your profile picture on Facebook, and the 18th green on your Twitter profile… use your logo, badge or crest on all your channels.

plan content
2. Post regularly

Create a better following and increase your followers by posting regularly. Three times per week is good, once per day is awesome! Plan ahead.

video content
3. Use video

Posting videos can get you up to 3x more engagement than a standard post. A 30 secs video of someone teeing off in the medal, or putting out on the 18th is enough to get users’ attention.

4. Be engaging

Get users’ involved in your posts, ask for feedback, or encourage discussion by providing talking points which generates comments and shares.

call to action
5. Call to action

Think about incorporating a call-to-action into every post. What do you want users to do? “Call the Pro now” to book a lesson or a tee time? “Email the clubhouse” to book a table for that lunch deal? Tell them what to do.