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That’s exactly what we do… we are your caddie. We are aware of the challenges that golf clubs face. And we partner with you to develop a dynamic marketing plan fit for the modern age.
Our team of marketing experts have our fingers on the pulse. We monitor advancements in the ever-changing digital landscape and social media platforms so you don’t have to.
Social media is the most effective and engaging marketing platform ever. Businesses around the world use paid targeted advertising with huge success. We believe that it is vital for all golf clubs to adapt and embrace those same methods.
Using social media and digital marketing effectively now can ensure stability and investment for years to come.
And we are by your side…


"We have been working successfully with Caddie Marketing for a number of years now. I'm absolutely delighted with the number of leads they generate for us. It makes the job very easy for me - I immediately get to work each morning signing up new members and booking in Society Days. As a very busy General Manager, I really value the partnership with Caddie and the services they provide. It is something I couldn't do myself - and on top of that they are great people to work with. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

Anna McLean

General Manager, Crieff Golf Club

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    How We Work With You to Increase Your Revenue

    Our digital marketing experts reach your perfect customers through Social Media targeted advertising, with your latest deals and offers.
    Leads and enquiries will be generated and sent directly to you, so you can then start a dialogue with the potential customer.
    By dealing with the leads directly, you can ensure that they are converted your way, generating new members, visitors, and revenue for your club.

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