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The easing of lockdown in the summer of 2020 led to a very welcome surge in Golf Club Membership enquiries.
We helped our clients use this upturn to their long-term advantage, and are now helping them use the winter to prepare effectively for success in 2021.
We effectively promote your Club’s Membership, Visitor and Group offers to a carefully-defined audience of golfers using proven marketing techniques. This provides you with a stream of valuable leads.
Implementing all this now helps to maximise current revenue, and enable investment and longer-term stability.

What We Do To Increase Revenue

Our digital marketing experts reach your perfect customers through Social Media targeted advertising, with your latest deals and offers.
Leads and enquiries will be generated and sent directly to you, so you can then start a dialogue with the potential customer.
By dealing with the leads directly, you can ensure that they are converted your way, generating new members, visitors, and revenue for your club.

Example One-Month Campaign

Here’s a brief example of a recent campaign from May 2020 to illustrate what we do, how effective it is and how it can benefit your club.
Ad Spend


Golfers Reached


Leads Generated




Revenue Generated


For only £101 ad spend, we ran a Full Membership campaign, reaching almost 40,000 golfers, generating 201 direct leads (including name, email and phone number). The club converted 61 of those leads into full members, generating over £50,000 worth of revenue in just one month.

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    Some of the clubs we work with…

    "We have been working successfully with Caddie Marketing for a few years now. Since restarting after lockdown, I'm absolutely delighted with the number of leads they have generated for us. It makes the job very easy for me - I immediately get to work each morning signing up new members across all categories. As a very busy General Manager, I really value the partnership with Caddie and the services they provide. It is something I couldn't do myself - and on top of that they are great people to work with. Wouldn't go anywhere else."

    Anna McLean

    General Manager, Crieff Golf Club